Frequently Asked Questions

December through March, promotion packages are available.

Seated in the chapel-300, reception room seated-300 with dance floor.

25% of the total booked contract, due at signing to reserve your date.

Yes, a refundable deposit for property damages or over run of time purchased (on contract.)

All contracts are itemized in a proposal/estimate form.

Thirty minutes prior to check-in time is free, any time over is charged at venue rate per hour. Friday evening requires a rate charge per hour and includes rooms and staff charges.

Yes, chapel, reception room and gardens.

Fees are for staff required to undo the lengthy process of booking, including staff assignments, calendar of services scheduling, etc. Additionally, damages for loss of booked date occur when date cancelled is too close for another booking (resale of date), losses are relative to likelihood of venue being rebooked.

While we would love to accommodate outside food and beverage, it is not permitted at this time due to insurance liabilities. Our professional, licensed and insured, catering staff will prepare fresh food of your choosing for your event.

Appetizers and plated dinners are $30-52 per person, depending on selection. Plated dinners include- beverage, salad, bread, and entrée/side/vegetable.

Clayton County Sales tax is 8%.

We do not charge a gratuity on food and beverage. Service staff may be tipped as a group by client and shared by all service staff. We appreciate consideration for one of our employees’ exemplary service.

Yes. Specific popular items are offered 3 times a year at tasting events and include Chef selected items most requested by clients. Click here for a quick link to the Food Tasting RSVP Form and date information.

While we would love to accommodate outside cakes, it is not permitted at this time. Our professional, licensed and insured, bakery staff will prepare the custom cake of your choosing for your event. The Pristine pricing includes cake stand, cake cutting, cake plates, forks and service to guests.

Yes, you may BYOB, however, Pristine Chapel does not sell you the alcohol. Client provides alcohol. We provide setup of rental bar, ice, glassware, and bartenders.

We request “clean” versions and good taste in any genre that you select.

Yes, outside DJs must provide all music selection libraries, cords, tables, equipment, microphones, etc.

Yes, 165 parking spaces close to the building and convenient access for loading and unloading any equipment. Spacious parking – valet is not necessary.

4 ladies, 2 men

Yes, professionally trained in all facets of wedding planning.


At booking when contract is signed and down payment is posted. A Service Agreement will itemize what you have purchased.

The planner is required to update the file with any emails, conversations, and any open discussions regarding your event with other departments. The planner’s detailed records enable tracking of event progress and any changes during the planning process.

More Tips

  • If you really love the site, ask the venue coordinator to put together a proposal/estimate with all the itemized pricing —including the tax and service charge—so you have an idea of the basic cost.
  • Bring a digital or video camera with you when you visit locations. You can mention each location and its event spaces as you video a site; if you’re using a digital camera you’ll need to organize the photos by location name when you get home. After seeing a series of places it’s easy to confuse them. Having a photographic record will help you remember what was special about each site.
  • Pay attention to the venue as a whole: Check out everything, including the restrooms, the foyer, the dressing rooms, the outdoor lighting and even the kitchen. You want to be sure your vision can be realized at this location.
  • GET EVERYTHING IN WRITING. Your date is not officially reserved until you sign a contract and give a deposit. Once you’ve found THE PLACE, make sure you ask what is required to get your booking locked-in and then follow through on satisfying those requirements. And don’t assume that just because the site coordinator said you can have 3 votive candles per table you’ll get them. Before you sign a contract, read the fine print and make sure it includes everything you and the coordinator agreed on. As new things are added or changed in your contract, have the updated version printed out and signed by you and the site representative. Also, document all your conversations in emails and keep your correspondence.

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