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4 Ways Add Atlanta Vibes to Your Wedding Celebration

So, you’re getting married in Atlanta and may have some deep ties to the city. You may have lived there, met your partner there, or have family in the area. Either way, getting married at an Atlanta venue is just the first step. As you plan your wedding, learn how to infuse your wedding reception and ceremony with various aspects of this historical city.

You can take your favorite ideas from each option and combine them all into a custom wedding that is truly all yours.

1. Atlanta Music Playlist

Atlanta has a rich history of iconic music and sounds, including artists who were born and raised in the city, along with songs dedicated directly to Atlanta. As you plan your wedding reception playlist, you can include a lot of songs that directly mention or are based on the city of Atlanta.

Some of the more popular options include “Welcome to Atlanta” by Jermaine Dupri and Ludacris, “Elevators” by OutKast, and “Oh Atlanta” by Bad Company. You can find a nice blend of genres and artists who sing about the city. Artists like T.I. and Usher are also from the city and will make reference to Atlanta in a variety of their songs.

You can set a specific order for the songs you want to hear or just request that a DJ sprinkles in the music throughout the reception. During a ceremony, you can request special versions of the songs and plan to have them played. For example, you could hire a violin artist to play “Elevators” on a violin for a unique sound.

2. Atlanta Sports Teams

Atlanta is a big sports city, and if you are a fan of Atlanta sports, then you can use your favorite teams for a number of wedding aspects. For the reception, you can add a sports theme to each table. For example, one table can feature an Atlanta Falcons theme while another table features an Atlanta Braves theme.

The tables can include the team’s colors, logos, and small party favors for guests like trading cards or key chains. You may also choose to include college teams like Georgia Tech or former professional teams like the Atlanta Thrashers, who used to be a part of the NHL before moving to Winnipeg.

If both partners are huge sports fans, then you may consider adding a sports theme to a wedding cake. For example, the cake topper characters can both wear jerseys to showcase their support for specific teams or players.

3. Atlanta Foods

Atlanta is known for a lot of signature foods and flavors you can infuse into your wedding meal. When planning a menu with a wedding caterer, you can pick specific options for main courses or appetizers. For example, spicy chicken meals are popular in the city, so you may select chicken entrees like barbecue chicken, peppered chicken, or buffalo chicken.

Fried appetizers are signature at many Atlanta restaurants, and you can use those dishes to celebrate the city as well. Attend a taste testing to try out different options and create a menu that reflects Atlanta’s unique flavors.

4. Transportation Services

Before or after your wedding, take the time to explore the city using professional transportation. Make the city part of your celebration as you cruise across city streets before making your way to the wedding venue. You can take in all of the buildings, memories, and experiences that Atlanta has given you before your wedding day.

Professional drivers can also stop off at key locations if you want to snap a few quick photos and capture some Atlanta memories while dressed formally.

For more information on an Atlanta-themed wedding, contact us at Pristine Chapel Lakeside. We will help you through the whole planning process and create a wedding that is uniquely your own.

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