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Ways to Include Your Children in Your Wedding

Including your children in your wedding is a wonderful way to start your new life together as a family. Whether your children are young or in their teens, they’ll appreciate if you make them a part of the action. These tips can help.

Look at Decorations and Outfits Together

Looking at decorations and outfits is one of the most fun parts about planning a wedding. Look at wedding decorations together with your children and give them the chance to make a selection.

Allow your children to pick some of the decorations to give them some control over the event and the changes taking place in their life. If you want to have a say in what they select, pick several different decorations that you would be happy to have at your wedding, then allow them to narrow the selection on their own.

When the time comes to pick outfits, bring your children with you to select their dresses or suits. They’ll feel better about the way they look on your wedding day if you give them a choice of what they’re going to wear.

Help Them Make a Wedding Craft

Many couples make decorations or gifts to give to people at their wedding. Kids often love crafts, so include your children in the craft-making activities to help them contribute to the event. You can even work with your children to allow them to pick the craft.

When the wedding is over, if you make a wedding scrap book, have your children draw pictures or make other decorations out of paper to include in the scrap book. Very young children may need extra help making these crafts, especially if you want the finished products to have a certain look.

Take Pictures Together

Wedding pictures are a document of the day. Take wedding pictures together with your children to show that your children played a significant role in the event. When they look back on your wedding, they’ll remember how they felt when the pictures were taken.

Have pictures taken of the children on their own, with your spouse-to-be, and with you. Finally, don’t forget to include a picture of the whole family together. Encourage the photographer to take candid shots, so your children will be able to look back and see how happy they were.

Dance Together at the Reception

If you and your spouse will enjoy a special dance at the wedding, follow it up with a dance with your children. Have your children practice for the dance before the big day comes. This ensures they’ll feel more comfortable performing in front of your relatives and loved ones.

Include Them in the Ceremony

Most important of all is to include your children in the ceremony. They should feel in some way as if the wedding is for the whole family. Your children can play different roles at your wedding, depending on their age and maturity level.

If you have a very young child who can barely walk, have an older child pull them down the aisle in a wagon. Not only will this be cute for the people attending the wedding, it will also make for excellent photographs.

Contact a Wedding Planner

Incorporate your children into your wedding to help them make the transition to life after the wedding. For more information about how this can be done, talk to your wedding planner. Your wedding planner can help you come up with a plan to make your wedding a beautiful event for you and your children.

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