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3 Reception Adjustments That Still Create A Timeless Wedding

Your wedding day should be as spectacular as the special relationship you share with your soon-to-be-spouse. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend a fortune to create a truly unforgettable wedding reception experience. Consider these three reasonable reception adjustments to create a timeless wedding and not overspend.

1. Re-Think Your Wedding Flowers

Flowers and weddings are ubiquitous, so don’t forgo flowers in an effort to save money. In fact, many brides use wedding flowers and colors to make a statement or represent feelings. For example, red roses signify passion, while white roses represent purity. Instead, re-think your floral needs and consider a few inexpensive changes.

Go Minimal

You probably don’t need huge sprays of flowers at your reception, especially if the venue is outdoors with amazing decorations and ambiance. Flower girls and other female members of the wedding party can carry a single flower rather than a larger bouquet. Add inexpensive arrangements of fresh herbs like rosemary and mint to fill out boutonnieres and centerpieces.

Choose Seasonal

The time of year can have a large impact on your floral choices. Choose readily available or locally grown seasonal flowers and greenery that cost less than hothouse or imported selections. In the winter, holly and evergreen sprigs look festive and smell great. Sunflowers prevail in the summer and autumn, while bulbs reign in the spring.

Consider Silk

Few guests will notice when some wedding arrangements are artificial rather than real. For example, artificial table centerpieces, chair sashes, headbands, and flower curtain displays will still look beautiful and last a long time. Plus, they won’t aggravate any allergies.

2. Decide Your Liquor Limits

An overwhelming majority of wedding couples offer their reception guests alcohol. The cost for a full-service premium open bar bubbles up to over $4,000. You can still let the good times flow but with one or more of these sensible approaches:

  • Limit alcoholic options to cold beer and a single variety of wine that fits your menu. For a smaller group, opt for beer bottles that store well rather than a keg that may go to waste. Place a single bottle of wine on each guest table to cut down on bar orders.
  • Consider an informal daytime wedding, which is better suited to smaller quantities of alcohol. Guests tend to expect more alcohol at more formal evening wedding receptions.
  • Buy your own alcohol from a discount liquor store and stock the venue bar yourself. In addition to red and white wine, don’t forget a couple of types of beer and champagne for the traditional toast. Add soft drinks if children and teens plan to attend your reception.

3. Choose Intimate Over Crowded

Your wedding plans understandably fill you with joy and excitement, but don’t let it go to your head when you plan the guest list. While each couple is different, you and your fiancé may find you want a smaller, more intimate wedding rather than a big crowd.

You have no obligation to invite everyone you encounter. Stop and think about your true relationship with every co-worker, business acquaintance, and neighbor. Prioritize the people you wish to celebrate with in addition to close family members and friends.

Sometimes, it’s easier to shorten a guest list if the wedding chapel is appropriately sized. A smaller church accommodates fewer people, and simple etiquette demands those guests attend the reception later. Remember, cost-per-plate matters as you plan a guest list. You can whittle down expenses considerably when you opt for a smaller wedding.

You can also help cut costs when you opt for a wedding venue that specializes in package options. Pristine Chapel offers both outdoor and indoor wedding choices and allows you to choose options like menu items, flowers, and photographers for your wedding day. Contact us today.

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