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5 Surprising Ceremony Backdrops To Frame Your Nuptials

5 Surprising Ceremony Backdrops To Frame Your Nuptials

The wedding ceremony is the centerpiece of your big day. It is the most romantic part of the festivities and the most photographed moment of the event. So choose your ceremony backdrop carefully. What should you pick? Here are a few surprising and one-of-a-kind choices, and what they each add to this beautiful scene.

1. Geometric Shapes

Think beyond the traditional wedding arch and consider more interesting shapes. Switch it up with a large octagon frame, an elegant circle, or a simple triangle instead. These easily alter the feel of the entire wedding, and they often require little or no further embellishment. Modern shapes like hexagons or triangles give the wedding a modern or industrial chic vibe. Circles are romantic and elegant.

Want to take shapes to the next level? Draw your own freeform shapes and cut them out of wood, plastic, metal, or even sturdy fabric materials. Combine shapes and colors to add more texture and depth.

2. Vintage Furniture

Rustic, vintage, beachy, and elegant weddings all benefit from a ceremony background made from recycled furnishings. Scour your local thrift stores, used furniture shops, antique stores, and even flea markets for unique pieces that speak to you.

Room dividers, old fencing or gates, and doors provide large backdrops to block unwanted views. A standalone mirror gives everyone a different perspective. Dressers, tables, chairs, or other home furnishings make the space warm and romantic—like inviting guests into your home to celebrate your love story. You could also have fun with old windows or upcycled picture frames hung on wires.

3. Draping

Even the simplest wedding on a tight budget is elevated by strategic draping. Draping can be any material you like—including sheer fabric, curtains, flower garlands, tulle, large ribbons, canvas, or just about anything that fits your theme. Drape it over a simple frame, around a venue gazebo, or throughout the branches of a tree. Draping is often a single color or a simple palette, so it helps keep the focus on the couple.

4. Oversize Elements

Go big or go home? Oversize versions of common decorative elements are popular for a good reason. Whether it’s oversize paper or fabric flowers, plentiful balloon arches, or giant letters, these versions make a bold statement and look great in photos at any distance. You also get a lot of bang for your buck in terms of cost-effective decoration and having fewer overall items to set up and tear down.

5. String Lights

Another budget-friendly approach uses common and easily-sourced string lights to great effect. Hang a curtain of string lights behind you or wrap an arch or geometric shape. Drape lights across a wide board or wall. Or pin the string lights in tight formations to turn them into a wall of color. And while standard white lights are the most popular, don’t overlook the impact different colors can have.

When working with background lighting, of course, be mindful of its effects on the ceremony. It may not have much impact if ambient lighting or the sun is too high. It can also alter the skin tone and even make the couple appear too shaded. If you have concerns about using lighting for the nuptials, a wedding photographer can often help guide you.

Want more ideas and tips for choosing the perfect backdrop for your nuptials? Meet with the team at Pristine Chapel Lakeside today. We offer a range of ceremony options and the wealth of our professional experience helping couples for nearly half a century. Make an appointment for a tour and see how we can help you craft the best day possible.

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