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3 Secrets To A Drama-Free Wedding

You know some people thrive on drama. They want weddings where there’s chaos and tears of recrimination and ruined party apparel. You want a more sedate experience with no mismatched bouquets, no face-cake collisions, and no rehashed family feuds.

There are three secrets to achieving your goal of a peaceful transition from single to married status. Here they are.

1. You Gotta Delegate for a Change

Bridezillas and Groomzillas (yes, they happen, too) are personas created for one purpose: to control every single aspect of their weddings. Bridezillas and Groomzillas cannot delegate any task – whether it’s finding invitation suppliers or sourcing limousine services – without heavily micromanaging the job and ultimately declaring it unsuitable.

Why do some people get this way when planning their nuptials? Perhaps getting married is such an emotional, cultural, and spiritual commitment, it makes some engaged people feel as if they’re giving away a big part of themselves. So, they overcompensate.

Other people feel intense pressure to live up to social or family standards as if it’s a final-destiny situation. They seriously panic at the thought of anything going wrong on their big day.

However, delegation is the only way to make your wedding as stress-free as possible. If you’re already in a panic, your anxiety is lifted the second you hire a planner to arrange your special day. That’s what wedding planners are born to do.

Wedding planners arrange:

  • Stationery including invitations
  • Venue for ceremony
  • Venue for reception
  • Decorations
  • Flowers
  • Entertainment
  • Catering
  • Photography
  • Wedding cake

These tasks alone represent nine separate calls you’d have to make to arrange all of the details. Add your other tasks including your dress, footwear, tuxedo, hair, and makeup needs, and you can see how delegation is the key to remaining sane during the wedding planning phase.

2. You Must Accept the Inevitable

If you’re planning for a big family wedding, everybody and their third cousin will begin hurling suggestions at you about their friend’s boyfriend’s sister’s mother-in-law over in Riverdale who does the best wedding hair. Granny and Aunt Tasha are foaming at the mouth to make cheese sticks and table centerpieces.

Deal with bossy wedding-plan tipsters by having a firm vision in your head of your wedding. Be gracious and thank them for their suggestions. Incorporate a family tradition or two.

Give older relatives some tasks. They didn’t live all this time to sit around and watch everybody else do stuff. Just be careful what you delegate to them.

Some venues don’t allow outside food or flowers, but then, your wedding planner is happy to help you set those rules. You get to be the good cop with the bad cop planner, and no one is the wiser. Give your planner a big hug when everything goes off smoothly and there are no tantrums.

If you have a grandad who loves woodworking, give him a project to do. A gardening aunt or uncle would love to grow flowers for a special bouquet. When you give people a mission, they’re less likely to try to take over every facet of your special day.

3. You Can Invite (or Not Invite) Anyone You Choose

If you’re having a more intimate, low-key ceremony, you’ll probably be shunned by the non-invitees for a while after the wedding. The most unpleasant people become super unpleasant when you don’t invite them to your happy celebrations. But by then you’re a newlywed with happiness on your mind, and they’ll get over it.

You may have second thoughts about not inviting that toxic, trouble-making cousin, because how many times can one person get drunk at a wedding and end up in jail in their underwear? It can’t possibly happen a fifth time, can it?

You don’t have to invite that cousin, as sweet, tolerant, and kind as the gesture may be. Don’t invite anyone who isn’t loving, supportive, and ready to have a good time. It’s your day. Accept that some people can never be truly happy, and don’t allow them to intrude on your bliss.

Contact Pristine Chapel Lakeside to enjoy a stress-free wedding in the Southwest Atlanta and Jonesboro area. We handle everything, and we treat each wedding as a unique, personal event.

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