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3 Things to Do Before Signing the Contract for Your Wedding Venue

You’ve found a locale that meets all your criteria for your dream wedding venue; now, the only thing left to do is reserve your wedding date. Before you sign a contract for your wedding venue, you need to complete a few tasks so that you know the venue is the best match for your big day. Here are a few things to do before signing the contract for your venue.

1. Inquire About the Policies Regarding Wedding Vendors

Each wedding venue has its own policies regarding what wedding vendors you can use for your big day. Some venues have a list of preferred wedding vendors; these are typically professionals that the venue has a previous working relationship with. The venue knows that these companies are experienced and possess the necessary skills, experience, and certifications to successfully handle a wedding.

Should your venue have a list of preferred vendors, you need to ask what this list means. Your venue might only permit vendors from their preferred list. Or the venue may allow vendors not on their list if you pay a fee or seek pre-approval for the vendor.

You may have friends and family members who want to help on your big day that don’t work weddings professionally. Some venues strictly forbid hobby vendors, while others may permit them as long as they have liability insurance.

2. See What Items are Prohibited

Even a small change in the details may feel like a huge hindrance to your dream wedding if you have a specific vision for your big day. Ask the venue if any items are prohibited or restricted to prevent this from happening.

Alcoholic beverages are one item commonly restricted by wedding venues. Your venue might be a dry facility that doesn’t allow any type of alcohol, or it may only permit beer, wine, and champagne. When you have your heart set on serving your own signature wedding cocktail to your guests, stiff alcohol restrictions may pose an issue.

Some venues permit you to bring and serve your own alcohol, while others require you to hire a licensed bartender to hand out alcoholic beverages. Make sure you understand these details so that you can properly budget and plan for your reception beverages.

Decorations are another point of contention. Venues may forbid the use an open flame, or you might have restrictions regarding the throwing and scattering of real flower petals. Confetti, balloons, and the use of live animals are other items that your venue may choose to regulate.

3. Check That Your Contract Reflects Everything You’ve Discussed

Before signing on the dotted line, read every line of your wedding contract. You want to make sure that the terms don’t contradict the information provided by the venue’s employees. If it does, don’t take the employee’s word over the contract. Have the contract changed to reflect what the employee tells you.

Make sure that you understand all the terms and conditions, especially for guidelines that dictate when you can access the venue, when you need to leave the venue, and whether you’re permitted to decorate or bring items in before your big day.

Some contracts are vague about whether certain items are permitted. If you want to use an item that the contract doesn’t clearly allow, have it written into the contract.

For example, say you want to use your dog as your ring bearer. Your venue doesn’t have a specific policy regarding the use of live animals during events. Have a portion added to the contract that clearly states you’re permitted to use your dog in your wedding.

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