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4 Fun Ways to Do Trial Runs for Your Wedding

For many couples, their big wedding day is not only an exciting time but also a source of worry and stress. You want everything to go off without a hitch, but you’re probably also not a veteran party planner who can think of everything and plan for all emergencies.

So what can you do to help reduce your anxiety about this important day and ensure things go smoothly? Many people find it useful to have one or more practice runs before the big day. What type of dry runs could you include and what do they accomplish? Here are four to choose from.

1. Engagement Photo Shoot

An engagement photo session is a fun addition to the wedding festivities, often kicking off the planning season that culminates in your nuptials. But it also serves as several types of dry runs. How?

First, it’s a way for your photographer to practice taking pictures of you as a couple. In addition, if you hold your photo shoot at your wedding location, you and the photographer get to know the location’s strengths and weaknesses. Finally, you and your fiancé practice taking pictures, which can help relax both of you when you actually take the wedding photos later on.

2. Bridal Photo Shoot

Some brides are familiar with the practice of a bridal photo shoot and others aren’t, often depending on whether this is common where they live. But any bride (or groom) can have a pre-wedding photo session. The bride typically gets completely outfitted in her wedding day look – including the dress, shoes, bouquet, hair, and makeup – and arranges for photos on her own.

How is this a trial run? As with engagement photos, it offers both you and your photographer a chance to become comfortable taking portraits as well as to test out the venue. But, often more importantly, it’s a chance to create your entire wedding look and be sure about it. Seeing the look from head to toe can help you decide if everything works together, learn about your hair and makeup artists, and figure out timing.

3. Wedding Rehearsal

Don’t overlook the importance of the wedding rehearsal. Often sandwiched into the last moments before the wedding weekend, the rehearsal can easily be overshadowed by its accompanying dinner (and often, drinks) or be rushed in order to accommodate other planning needs. But the rehearsal is the only practice run you’re likely to have of the entire ceremony. So make it count.

How can you ensure the best practice session? First, ensure that the wedding party is all there and ready to work. Have a plan in mind before you begin directing your wedding party. Decide in advance things like pairings, processional order, music, standing arrangements, and entry and exit points. Then, go through the entire ceremony, including the processional and recessional as well as any receiving lines.

4. Engagement Party

An engagement party can be a good way to vet your vendors and learn the about venue. If you’re unfamiliar with the vendors or even with the process of hiring companies for a party, using their services helps you get to know them and see what you want. You might even be able to hold the party at a different part of your wedding venue – such as outdoors instead of in the chapel – and get to know management and staff.

Where to Start

No matter what part of your wedding day you want to practice in advance, a dry run can help. From testing your wedding outfit to becoming comfortable with the vendors and posing for photos, these preparatory sessions will provide even more happy memories and a smoother event. Start today by touring the facilities and getting to know the staff and vendors at Pristine Chapel . We will help you arrange all your pre-wedding moments so you can have the best nuptials possible.

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