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4 Ways to Involve Grooms in the Wedding Planning Process

In many cases, the bride-to-be often takes the reins for her magical wedding day. From dress shopping to flower arrangements, the interests are often more catered to the those interested in the wedding planning process. If you want to involve the groom more, consider numerous ways to help them make selections and add a personal touch to the festivities.

1. A Groom’s Cake

A popular tradition in recent years has been the inclusion of a groom’s cake for the wedding reception. While a traditional wedding cake usually has a more formal design, a groom’s cake is a more lighthearted cake with various elements. For example, a groom may choose to have a doughnut cake with some of their favorite donuts piled up in a fun design.

A groom’s cake could be decorated a number of different ways. A sports fan could have a football-shaped cake. A Star Wars fan could order a Darth Vader cake. The main point is allowing the groom to express himself through the cake design and have a fun dessert option for all the guests.

2. Groomsmen Themes

While the groom’s tuxedo design and option is often selected to match the bride, a groom may infuse some personal touches to their formal attire. The personal touches may extend to the rest of the wedding party as well.

One of the easiest ways to do this is with socks. The socks worn by a groom and his groomsmen will not be seen in any formal pictures, but add to the fun nature of the wedding party. For example, the groom and each groomsmen could wear a pair of superhero-themed socks. Each person chooses a different hero to wear.

Besides superhero themes, consider other socks including matching color designs, movies, sports teams, or popular characters from companies like Disney. The groom may pick out all the matching elements or choose a theme and allow the groomsmen to make their own personal selection.

Undershirts are another option to choose from besides socks. During a reception, the formal wear may come off to showcase the shirts worn underneath.

3. Song Selection

The dancing and music selection is often a big part of any wedding. When you make a playlist of songs, there will be key moments to decide on including the entrance song, first dance, and special dances with the parents of the bride and groom.

Along with the main song selections, the groom could add some of their favorite songs to the night’s playlist. Song options may include dance songs, their favorite artists, or special slow dances to include throughout the night. The groom’s song could be highlighted as a special dance or just mixed among the standard playlist.

Before the wedding, the groom may present the list to a DJ or wedding venue so the songs will be ready ahead of time.

4. The Wedding Departure

One of the more traditional parts of a wedding is the departure of the bride and groom. Cars, horse-drawn carriages, and other vehicles provide a way for the bride and groom to whisk away and enjoy their marriage. A groom should help pick out the departure vehicle, whether the choice is a surprise for the bride or something they choose together.

Everything from motorcycles to party buses may be considered for the vehicle. A groom could even rent their dream car just to use on the wedding day. The choice helps make the groom feel like a part of the wedding while providing another fun element for the couple to enjoy together.

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