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4 Ways to Use Food and Drinks as Wedding Reception Decorations

4 Ways to Use Food and Drinks as Wedding Reception Decorations

A big part of your wedding reception is the food and drinks you offer to guests. You have the option to make a menu that fits your unique tastes and showcases some of your favorite meals and desserts. Not only can you select food to eat, but you can make food a part of the wedding decor as well.

Learn about some fun ways to implement food decorations into your wedding. Many of the décor options are also edible, creating a fun way to explore a reception hall and enjoy the wedding festivities.

1. Food-Based Centerpieces
One of the main decorative elements of a wedding reception is the centerpiece at each table. Instead of flowers or another design, find fun ways to create food-based centerpieces. The guests at each table can pick away at the centerpieces throughout the night and enjoy the themed treat.

Consider different ideas for each table. For example, one table could have a candy centerpiece with different packages of candy on display. Another table could feature a cookie centerpiece with an elegant tiered serving tray that includes multiple types of cookies. Another table could showcase a fresh fruit bouquet with strawberries, pineapples, and cherries.

Mix up the themes for each table, or choose a central theme that applies to all of the tables. Many companies offer custom candy options as well. For example, you could order custom-printed candies with your and your partner’s name or initials.

2. Chocolate Fountains
A chocolate fountain creates a memorable visual in the room and can fill your reception with the smells of fresh chocolate. The chocolate fountain also makes an ideal snack area with a lot of treats and dipping options. For example, skewers with sliced strawberries allow guests to cover a strawberry in chocolate. You could offer cookies to dip in the chocolate as well.

Also, create an ice cream sundae station with the chocolate fountain at the end. The fountain chocolate makes an ideal topper for ice cream sundaes.

3. Ice Carving Drink Stations
Another big centerpiece idea for your wedding is an ice carving. Carved ice glimmers in light and can provide your wedding with a striking visual. In the weeks leading up to your wedding, you can select an ice carving design. For example, you and your partner could select your favorite animal. You could also choose a symbol of love like a heart.

The ice carving would become the centerpiece of a drink station. The base of the ice carving could feature a large tub of ice cubes for drinks like soda or punch. Special LED lights will help illuminate the ice and shine through the whole creation.

4. Edible Cake Props
Cake decorations have become more impressive year after year, and you can hire a cake decorator to create some unique edible treats. The cake props could become highlighted decor pieces displayed all around a wedding reception area.

The small cakes add a lot of personality to the wedding and could represent your journey as a couple. For example, if you met in high school or college, then you could have a cake decoration that showcases your school’s mascot. If you love to go on vacation, then a cake decoration could highlight a vacation destination.

Play around with different ideas and ways to showcase your companionship through the cake. Near the end of the night, you could serve the cake to guests. You also have the option to freeze the cake decor and enjoy it at a future date like your wedding anniversary.

Plan out your wedding reception and find details on services like ice carvings with us at Pristine Chapel Lakeside . We have a huge reception hall that’s ideal for your wedding and can accommodate all kinds of edible decor.

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