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4 Wedding Services to Ensure Your Wedding Day Goes Smoothly

Planning a wedding includes a lot of elements, and you want to ensure you have all of your bases covered before the big day arrives. When you work with a wedding venue to plan out all of your services, you will likely take care of options like the wedding menu, DJ, and floral options, but you also have a lot of other small services to consider.

Learn about some of these services and how each one can enhance your magical wedding day.

1. Pre-Dinner Food Options

The time between the wedding ceremony and reception often includes a lot of waiting for wedding guests. A bride and groom will typically complete family photos and couple photos together. Meanwhile, you can supply your guests with food options while they wait for the wedding party introductions and formal dinner to start.

Along with traditional appetizers, you can provide some fun food options. For example, a Belgian Chocolate Fountain gives guests a chance to dip fruits and foods into a delicious stream of chocolate. You could also have a candy station set up with a number of sweet treats for the guests to try.

Both will help guests pass the time and provide a memorable experience to enjoy. The options can remain available all night so the bride and groom can also enjoy them later in the night if they choose.

2. Invitation Specialist

With so much planning involved in a wedding, you want to ensure everyone shows up on time. The services of an invitation specialist will help keep everything organized and give you a good idea of how many guests will show up to the wedding. Inviting guests includes more than just the invitation.

An invitation specialist will help plan and coordinate save the date cards, wedding menu options, and full guest lists. With a full list of confirmed guests, you can plan out seating options and ensure everything is set up to match the needs of your guests.

Some RSVP cards and information may also have missing information or details that an invitation specialist can help sort out so there’s no confusion.

3. Guest Book Options

When guests do arrive to your wedding, you want to share the experience and day of love with everyone involved. While it may be a challenge to personally talk to everyone involved at the wedding, one of the best ways for guests to share thoughts is through a guest book.

Wedding venue services can provide you with guest book options, which include pens and an area to fill out the guest book. You can even enhance the guest book with extra options. For example, you can add a photo booth near the guest book area. When guests go to use the photo booth, they can attach printed pictures to the guest book and write messages next to them.

4. Restroom Access

As you tour wedding venues, you want to consider the restroom options for guests at your wedding. If you have hundreds of guests at a wedding, the last thing you want is to have people spend half the night waiting in line at the restroom. A venue with multiple restrooms will provide plenty of space to accommodate guests and allows the night to go smoothly.

You can see how far the restrooms are from the reception area and get a good idea for the room inside. For example, some guests or members of the wedding party may want to change into more comfortable clothes. A restroom area provides easy access and may also include hangers and mirrors to make the outfit change easy.

Find all of these services and more with us at Pristine Chapel Lakeside. We have professional wedding planners ready to help you with each step of the process and to cover all of your planning needs.

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