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5 Questions to Decide What to Delegate During Wedding Planning

Delegating elements of wedding planning, preparation, and execution is a valuable way to maximize your efforts and minimize stress. But many couples find it difficult to decide what to delegate and what not to. After all, you probably crave help, but you also don’t want to lose control of your own wedding.

How can you make the right choices for delegation? Discover a few questions to ask about both tasks and the people you might delegate them to.

1. Does It Have to Be You?

First and foremost, realistically assess whether or not you must be the person who does a particular job. Many elements of a wedding are deeply personal, and the couple wants to ensure they come out exactly as planned. However, many other things can actually be done by others with some direction. Be honest about whether this task is the former or the latter.

For instance, you may not want to delegate the primary flower bouquets, which are a key creative element. But do you really need to be the one who picks up the flowers, receives deliveries, or puts smaller sets together? Or could this be done by any number of people?

2. Is Someone Else Better Equipped?

You may be the person most knowledgeable about your wedding vision, but are you really the one most prepared for certain aspects of it? If you take on tasks that are too hard for you or for which you aren’t trained, you can increase stress and end up with imperfect results. Instead, be honest about whether or not you’re really the best person to do things like flower arranging, day-of coordination, or hair and makeup styling.

3. How Important Is This To You?

An easy way to learn to delegate is to give away the less important tasks. Start by listing many elements of wedding planning and prioritizing them for yourself and your to-be spouse. The farther down the list a task is, the more you should consider letting others handle it.

By assessing your own priorities, you can ensure you don’t do things based on what other people expect or value. The music selection may be more important to one couple while the perfect centerpieces are more important to another. Listen to your own heart, but do recognize that not everything can – or should – be a high priority.

4. Do You Have the Time?

How pressed are you for time? A soon-to-be-wed person who works full-time, pursues other projects, takes care of their kids, or plans at the last minute should be more open to delegating jobs. Even with the most generous timeline, most couples cannot do everything they want before the big day.

So even though you really want to prepare and mail your own invitations, a better use of your time may be to outsource this time-intensive task if you can complete two, three, or more jobs in the same amount of time.

5. Has Someone Offered to Help?

Finally, how much help do you have access to? Have friends or family members offered to assist but you’ve put them off? Do you have the budget to hire wedding vendors for more work? Would your soon-to-be spouse like to be more involved? If you have help available, use it. Don’t feel guilty or that you’re a burden on others. Your loved ones want to help, and vendors do this for a living. No one will think less of you.

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