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5 Ways to Help At-Risk Guests Enjoy Your 2020 Wedding

Although most people find wedding planning to be stressful, a spring or summer 2020 wedding could be even more so. One concern that is likely to remain for some time is how to share this once-in-a-lifetime event with family or friends who may be at higher risk from any coronavirus exposure.

If you aren’t sure how to include those you love while keeping them particularly safe, here are a few ideas you might want to implement.

1. Create a Separate Moment

If any of your elderly or at-risk loved ones aren’t comfortable attending the full wedding, why not plan a special moment just for them? Arrange to meet up in a private setting near your main festivities, perhaps in a picturesque part of the garden, to receive congratulations and take photos together.

Having their own time with the bride and groom will build special memories for everyone, whether or not someone sits in the crowded audience or parties afterward.

2. Use Virtual Options

Anyone who is still under a stay at home order in their community may not be able to attend the wedding in person. Similarly, those who might be at high risk may decide that they shouldn’t travel at all. Include them by boosting virtual options for attendance and participation.

Modern technology that keeps offices working together from home can be used to have virtual wedding guests. Set up a virtual meeting room where everyone who can’t make it to the wedding will have a good view of key elements like the processional, nuptials, and recessional. The bride and groom could later stop by a designated spot to greet those attending virtually and share well-wishes.

3. Consider the Outdoors

An outdoor wedding has many benefits right now. If you and your guests have been stuck at home for a while, for instance, the beautiful outdoors will be a welcome and therapeutic change.

But for those at risk, outdoor events bring potential health benefits. Light natural breezes may help disperse and reduce any lingering germs in the air. And with fewer doors, walls, handles, and furnishings, you’ll have fewer surfaces to be concerned with. Finally, the added space frees up your guests to move about unobstructed and practice greater social distancing when needed.

4. Reduce the Guest List

If anyone is concerned with having a crowded setting, consider culling your guest list so that social distancing will be easier. Reducing the number of people in the same venue space lets everyone take a nice breather during this stressful time. You can move tables farther apart, have few or no lines for the buffet, and place some ceremony guests with extra seating between them.

Not only will this added space help your guests who face greater risk, but all your guests will feel more confident and enjoy the wedding more knowing you cared for their interests.

5. Plan a Second Event

A two-step wedding allows you to move forward now and still have the party you really want. You could complete a ceremony now, for instance, and hold a big reception in a few months when everyone can attend and have fun. You might plan a big party for your first anniversary in 2021, too. Or, what about a vow renewal ceremony that recreates your special day for all to share?

Which of these tactics will help you keep your plans to get married this summer while ensuring the enjoyment and health of all your loved ones? No matter what steps you take, your wedding will be a day you will look back on with joy and love, knowing you made the best calls during a difficult year. Learn more about all these choices and more by consulting with the wedding day experts at Pristine Chapel today.

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