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7 Do’s and Don’ts of Wedding Invitations

Your wedding invitations provide not only an important practical element but also one of the first thematic elements people will encounter. But few couples are familiar with how to choose and manage wedding invitations before they start planning their wedding. To help you avoid pitfalls regarding invitations, here are seven do’s and don’ts to apply no matter what your plans for the big day.

Do Start Early

Navigating the task of choosing invitations, creating an address list, receiving RSVPs, and updating your guest list takes more time than most people realize. Many experts recommend sending invitations between six and eight weeks ahead of the big day, so you’ll need to start as soon as possible to meet this deadline.

Don’t Create Multiple Lists

Some couples have chosen to follow a recent trend of creating an A list and a B list of invited guests. The A list invitations are sent out first, and the couple fills unused slots with B list guests.

While this practice may have its use in limited circumstances, it can create an unnecessarily awkward situation for both guests and the wedding couple. Some of your B list invitees will notice that they were not the first choice and may even be offended. The best approach is generally to have just one list, planning in other ways for the standard percentage of guests who will decline.

Do Keep It Functional

Because they are the first taste of your wedding theme, colors, and style, invitations should be carefully chosen for their decorative look. But don’t let style overtake function. Invitations are made to give important information, and they need to do that job well. Avoid showy fonts or confusing styles and placements that make things hard to read. And don’t overfill the invitation’s white space with too much information.

Don’t Include Many Inserts

If you need to convey a lot of details but don’t want to fill up the invitations, you may plan inserts. The most common insert is an RSVP card that can be returned by mail in the included envelope.

Some couples try to add other inserts with information such as driving directions, specific attire questions, gift registries, or which family members may or may not come. But too much detail makes inserts add up quickly and become awkward (not to mention expensive). Instead, direct guests to a wedding website, email address, or number they can call with specific questions.

Do Learn the Etiquette

While invitations might seem a little stuffy and formal, this is part of their charm. Few Americans receive formal invitations in the mail anymore, so wedding invites stand out and make an impact. Embrace their tradition and etiquette when you prepare them. Don’t skip mailed invitations in favor of digital alternatives. Learn about addressing a formal envelope. Use full names and titles. And avoid symbols or acronyms.

Don’t Forget About Postage

One downside to the formality and tradition of mailed invitations is paying for all the postage. Weigh your invitation bundles and plan for the needed postage in your wedding budget long before you actually mail them. If you need to save money, reduce the weight of each invitation (such as by reducing inserts). And don’t forget to put postage on the RSVP cards.

Do Get Help

One of the best decisions a couple can make is to ask for help with this often-monumental task. Round up friends or family who can help with things like obtaining addresses, filling and stuffing envelopes, and addressing these.

Couples who want experienced help with their invitations can rely on the invitation specialists at Pristine Chapel Lakeside. We will work with you to take on the invitation tasks you may not have time for or that you are unsure how to handle. Call today to learn more about our invitation services.

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