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Diverse Menu Ideas

If you have a big wedding coming up, congratulations! The reception is such a wonderful place to celebrate and gather all the people you love. Once you have you decided your color detail, it will be time to choose what refreshments you will serve at your reception. Guest remembers 2 things, how you made them feel and what you served. Food and beverage presentation is what they will talk about.

Some of the most popular menu choices for the spring are as follows:

Finger Food

Brides love using lighter foods in the spring season. The lightness of pastel color palettes seem to work well with finger foods. Small sandwiches, cookies, punch and kabobs are all popular options at this time of year. This idea works reasonably.

Ethnic Foods

It seems that the spring is the best time for wedding catering to take an adventurous turn. If you and your groom’s culture influences your choices then you can celebrate by borrowing some of its iconic dishes. Chinese, Mexican, Italian and other such foods can create a great secondary theme to your wedding in the form of delicious foods.

Vegetarian Menu

As this is the season when the gardens are bursting with color, it is also the perfect time to have a menu centered around these colorful surroundings. Not only can your menu be delicious and healthy, it can also be quite cost-effective.

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