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Experience More Joy on Your Wedding Day | Pristine Chapel Lakeside

Getting married is one of the most special events you will ever experience. You and your fiancé become a family in the eyes of the law and your loved ones,and you get to celebrate your own beautiful love story. Follow these simple strategies to maximize the joy you experience on your
wedding day.

Rehearse Every Aspect of the Wedding

One surefire way to feel calm on your wedding day is to know exactly what you’re doing. When rehearsing for your wedding, don’t forget to practice the wedding dances. While you want your wedding dances to look fresh and fun, rehearsing them is sure to help you feel confident. After all, you’ll enjoy dancing at your wedding when you’re not flailing to match your partner’s steps in an unrehearsed dance. Rehearse your first dance as husband and wife, the dance between the bride and her father,and all other dances.

Appoint Someone Else As the Person in Charge

If you have a wedding planner, tell them they’re in charge on your wedding day. If you don’t have a planner,ask a very close friend, family member or even a member of the wedding party to step up as the person in charge of last-minute issues on your big day. Put your phone on silent or ask the person in charge to field all your calls, too. Unless an emergency occurs, don’t bother yourself with details on your wedding day. That will free up your energy and allow you to focus on enjoying every moment of the big event.

Prepare Your Photographer for What You Want

Well before your big day arrives, have a detailed discussion with your photographer about exactly what you want to capture on your wedding day. For example, some couples want to be sure a photographer captures specific moments in a certain way,and some want to make sure certain family members are included in a lot of the wedding pictures. Also, as an other example, if you have a unification candle lighting and want it captured from multiple angles, let the photographer know. Most wedding photographers accommodate special requests when they are clear and communicated before the wedding day. You’ll be able to relax and feel gleeful if you know your photographer is getting just the right pictures.

Let Go of the Idea of Perfection

No wedding day in the history of the world was ever perfect. Even in the semi-perfect world of The Brady Bunch,cakes fell on grooms’ faces for generations. Take comfort in the fact that nothing that drastic is likely to happen at your wedding, but don’t hold on too tightly to the idea of everything going precisely a certain way.

Letting go of the idea of perfection will empower you to take more joy from living in the moment. If you start to think too much about an off-the-cuff comment that could be offensive or find yourself wondering if it’s okay for something borrowed to also be blue, take a deep breath and focus on the wonder of your wedding day instead.

Stay True to What You and Your Fiancé Want

You’ve probably received oodles of wedding day advice since you announced your engagement. The good news is that you’re not obligated to follow any of it. While listening and politely acknowledging the advice you receive is nice, ultimately call the shots that feel right to you. What matters is that you and your fiancé have things the way you want them on your wedding day. That will also lead to the happiest memories when you look back on your wedding in years to come. Your wedding should delight you from the dawn of the day to the moment you and your new spouse make your grand exit for your honeymoon. Contact Pristine Chapel Lakeside for help planning a joyful wedding

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