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Fanatic Fans? 5 Tips tor a Fabulous Football-Themed Wedding

A football-themed wedding may not be for everyone, but if you and your betrothed are die-hard football fans, this unorthodox concept could be perfect for you. Here are five ideas to incorporate into your big day.

1. Wear Team Colors

Most brides – 83 percent– still opt for a dress in shades of white, but you can add one or two other colors for your bridesmaid dresses, bow ties, tuxedos or suits, flowers, and décor. For example, the Atlanta Falcons routinely wear red, white, and black uniforms.

If the Falcons are your favorite football team, dress the groom and his attendants in a black tux and a red bow tie, and your bridesmaids in a stunning scarlet dress. These classic colors will add an air of sophistication to your celebration while still showing your team spirit.

2. Suggest Guests Wear Their Favorite Sports Apparel

Whether it’s a football jersey, ball cap, high-top sneakers, or a simple piece of understated sports-related jewelry, encourage your guests to join in the fun of the theme and don their sports apparel. Just as when you go to a home game and everyone is representing their team, you’ll be able to look out into a sea of your guests showing their team colors, too.

3. Create a Game Day Ticket Invitation

If you’re handy with a graphic design program or if you hire someone who is, you can create your own custom game day wedding invitation. Use your team colors to frame a picture of you and your love in your jerseys on one side of the ticket and list all the pertinent stats and event schedule on the other side. You can even add a perforated RSVP to the ticket invitation for guests to return.

4. Throw an Epic Tailgating Party

A wedding wouldn’t be complete without fantastic food, and if you are going to have a sports-themed wedding, your menu should follow suit. Rather than a formal sit-down affair, go with an awesome array of sandwiches and appetizers.

Turkey and ham luncheon meats, potato rolls, and an assortment of sliced cheese and condiments will allow guests to build their own sandwich. Mini cheeseburger sliders are another great sports-themed option. Baked all-beef cocktail hot dogs wrapped in golden pastry and served with brown mustard are another game day favorite of children and adults alike.

And no tailgating party would be complete without spicy deep-fried chicken wings and ranch dipping sauce. For even more spice, offer battered and deep-fried, bacon and Cheddar-stuffed jalapeno poppers. Classic southern potato salad, a veggie platter with herb dip, and a Parmesan and bowtie pasta salad are the perfect accompaniments.

Don’t forget to have plenty of your favorite cold brew on hand for the beer drinkers. For the hard liquor drinkers, work with your venue

bartender to create your own signature drink or go with the ever-popular Falcons Slammer, consisting of Southern Comfort, Peach Schnapps, and orange juice, topped with a peach slice and cherry garnish. When you don’t have to gather everyone to sit down to eat at a specific time, you can get the party started!

5. Choose a Sports-Themed Cake

Not every couple is going to want a football-shaped wedding cake, but you can still incorporate your sports-theme into the cake. For example, you can choose a wedding topper with the bride and groom tossing a football, or you can go the more subtle route and have the cake simply decorated with flowers in your team colors.

Whether you want a sports-themed wedding or something more traditional, our skilled wedding planners are ready to help you make your wedding dreams come true. Contact ustoday to get started.

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