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Impress Your Bride With These 5 Things on Your Wedding Day

Most wedding plans focus on the bride, but she’s not the only part of the big day. As the groom, what should you be doing while preparing for and overseeing your wedding day? Here are five things every groom can do to make for an amazing wedding day.

1. Be on Time and Ready

Certainly the most important role for any bride and groom is to simply arrive on time and ready to celebrate their love in front of everyone. As the groom, your preparation should begin with an alarm clock to wake you up refreshed and ready to get groomed.

Don’t be hungover, and don’t start drinking too early. Take the time to shower, shave, and iron your suit. Arrive early so you can help arrange the venue. And remember to take the time to snap some pics and enjoy your day as well.

2. Know the Wedding Timeline

Keep the wedding festivities on track by understanding where you need to be and when. Make sure you have a written copy of the wedding timeline and make your plans so that they fit in with the established schedule. Kindly but firmly keep others on schedule so your bride doesn’t have to worry about it.

As the groom, you should also get the groomsmen where they need to be and ensure they don’t misbehave too much. While you want to have fun on your wedding morning — and you should do something to help relax everyone — don’t let anything get out of hand. Groomsmen should be ready, sober, and in a good mood for pictures and the ceremony as well as the traditional wedding dances.

3. Be the “Go To” Guy

Take stress off your busy bride so she can enjoy the process of getting prepared for her walk down the aisle. Be familiar with the plans for the reception decorating, the ceremony venue, and the people involved. Exchange phone numbers with the officiant, the vendors, and the bridal party. Let everyone know that they should talk with you before talking to the bride about any wedding day problems.

Talk with your partner before the wedding day about what they would like you to take charge of and what they are very particular about. You can then decide what you should just handle and what you may need to involve the bride in.

4. Give Your Bride a Surprise

Don’t get so caught up in the party or the guests that you forget to give a little token of love to your partner. Prepare a small token of your love before the wedding day that can be delivered to her. It could be a beautiful piece of jewelry or a family heirloom, or it could be as simple as a love letter or card.

Want to give her something she won’t forget? Try writing a love note on the bottom of her shoe or deliver her breakfast in bed. Make it special with a bottle of champagne or record a mix of songs for her to get ready to. Your surprise doesn’t have to be expensive, just sentimental and personal.

5. Care for Guests

Since the bride is usually incognito before the wedding, put yourself in charge of guest relations before the ceremony. Greet guests as they arrive and check in on them while they wait. Thank them for coming and offer apologies for any delays.

Make sure you spend at least a couple of minutes with family members and VIP guests to make them feel special. Check on the parking situation, the weather for arriving attendees, and guest comfort.

As the groom, you fill an important role in ensuring a smooth and enjoyable wedding day. You can make the bride feel special and reduce her stress while also keeping things comfortable for guests and bridal party members. For more help planning your wedding and reception, whether large or small, visit the beautiful facilities at Pristine Chapel Lakesidetoday.

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