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Often-Overlooked Wedding Accents You Need to Plan for

When it comes to your wedding, the devil’s in the details. Even though the big ticket items, such as your venue and the dress, are obvious steps you can’t skip, the smaller selections also require your full attention. As you plan your dream day, take a look at the details not to miss.

The Cake Table

The cake was one of the first items on your to-do planning list. Now that you’ve chosen the perfect buttercream dream, you need to turn your attention to smaller details — such as the cake table.

Unlike the rest of your wedding reception food, the cake won’t go directly onto the guests’ plates. You’ll need a separate table for the icing-covered monument to your marriage to sit on. Whether you have one cake or mix it up with a few smaller-sized versions, think about how you want the display to look when your guests walk in.

You have an almost endless array of display options to choose from. As you plan this detail, consider what you want the rest of the reception room to look like. Create a clean, traditional look and use the same type of tablecloth for both your wedding cake and wedding guest tables. If you want a more eclectic style, use a different fabric. For a rustic chic look, stick with bare wood.

Along with the table cover, accent the table with fresh cut flowers or other arrangements. Choose the right cake stand as well. Carry your wedding colors through the design and add a table runner, ribbons, or paper confetti flakes.

The Direction Signs

Do your guests need help finding the wedding venue? When they get to the venue, do they need navigation assistance to get from the ceremony to the cocktail hour or the reception? Even though wedding attendees can use their cell phones and GPS systems to get to your event, directional signs can also help.

Instead of a plain board and marker sign, use this as an opportunity to extend your wedding style and add decorative accents to the overall design. Like your cake table, you have plenty of choices when it comes to this part of the wedding planning. Again, match the signs to your overall design or theme.

If you want a rustic wedding, wooden signs work well. These are also easy options if you need to hang signs outdoors in the elements. For a modern or contemporary style accent, consider light-up neon signs or a sleek framed version. Other options include (but aren’t limited to), photo posters with written overlays, printed fabric/flags, wooden blocks, letter boards, blackboards, or banners.

The Menu Cards

These cards serve two purposes — they provide guests with information on what they’ll eat, and they add to the table décor. As with the rest of your wedding planning, you have several options. Some couples prefer a simple card that looks like an abbreviated version of a restaurant menu, while others enjoy an ornate alternative.

If you’re not sure which way to go, extend the invitation design to the menu card. Use the same color card stock and ink, choose the same script, and pick patterns that match the invites exactly. Continue the theme with place cards and your wedding day schedule of events.

Even though many couples choose to give guests separate menu cards, you don’t have to. Save money (and paper) with one menu board. Create a casual look with a letter board or chalk writing, or dress-up the décor with an elegant script printed on poster paper.

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