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Often-Overlooked Wedding Accents You Need to Plan for

Your wedding day is so much more than a commitment of love: it’s a celebration of life.

You can design your wedding to truly celebrate life by enhancing all five senses : sight, smell, touch, sound and taste.


While all five senses are important, sight is the sense we rely on the most, and with good reason! Colors evoke emotion and visually stunning whites and pastel colors bring calm, while vivid hues — hot pink, orange, red, and purple — are energizing. You can decorate the ceremony and reception venues with contrasting colors for different emotions. An outdoor wedding could have magnolia trees, so you know they’ll be blooming year-round. Native plants are not only good for the environment, drawing birds and butterflies, but also add colors to enhance your wedding theme.


Fragrances offer an opportunity to subtly enhance your wedding guests’ experience. Candles and florals are a nice touch. Memories are often associated with the sense of smell, so choose a scent that brings you back to a special place in time. Some people may be sensitive to strong aromas. Be mindful that small spaces with too much perfume can be overwhelming.

If you’re having an outdoor wedding reception in the spring with flowers in bloom, the aroma is heavenly. Pots of lilac and other plants add their unique scents for a memorable day. Fresh flowers for your wedding party and bridal bouquet add color and fragrance, especially lilies.


The guests are usually setting for a long period in anticipation of meeting the bride and groom while they are taking formal pictures after the ceremony. Give them something to do! Provide disposable cameras allow your friends to take a few impromptu pictures of the day. For those taking pictures on cellphones, provide ribbon-laced business cards with a hashtag for sharing on social media. Embossed paper invitations, decorative pieces, and chair padding will invite your guests to touch and take part in the wedding festivities.


Music is an integral part of your wedding ceremony and reception. When it comes to the tunes you play, it’s about what you like but do keep your guests’ comfort in mind. Choose soft jazz or classical instrumentals for background music while guests arrive, so they can all hear each other during their initial greetings. At mealtime, play easy listening and instrumental music that appeals to all generations. When it’s time to dance, pump up the beat and volume to get the party started. Hiring a disc jockey is nice but having a live band at your wedding is awesome!

If you’re outside, guests can take a moment to listen to the sounds of nature. The sound of the lake with a fountain flowing will set a nice, relaxing tone. The wind and singing birds also make the moment special.


When it comes to food, remember as hard as you try, you can’t please everyone. What you can do is provide an opportunity for your guests to taste new things. Prompt your friends and family to try something different. Oh, and don’t forget the chocolate fountain, it is delightful for all.

Your wedding day is the beginning of a new life while experiencing the blessings that surround you. Connecting your big day with all of the five senses is a perfect way to express gratitude for those blessings. In fact, it just makes sense.

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