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Save Your Sanity by Delegating These 4 Wedding Tasks

Everyone wants a perfect wedding day, but trying to handle everything yourself can lead to frustration, stress, and missed opportunities. On the other hand, delegating to others often sounds easier than it is to actually do.

So how can you delegate successfully? Here are four ways to delegate wedding tasks that will make your day even better.

1. Invitations

Once you’ve decided on an invitation style, let go of the actual preparation and mailing of the invitations themselves. This is a good task to delegate to a friend or gig worker for a flat fee because it can be repetitive and doesn’t involve much personalization. Give them the guest list, invites, envelopes, and stamps. You can then check invitations off the checklist by dropping them in the mail yourself.

If possible, use the phone number or address of a designated person for the RSVPs or questions, as well. Confirming guests yourself can take up too much time that you could spend on items that need your personal attention.

2. Vendors

Your vendors are usually experienced professionals, so communication with them is an easy thing to hand off to an assistant. Make a list of the wedding vendors, what they are providing, what time they should arrive, and contact information for each. Then assign a trusted friend or family member to be the point person for vendors’ questions and most coordination.

That person should also call before the wedding to confirm that each vendor knows when and where to arrive, has all the information or tools they need, and receives payment on time. If you choose a friend that you trust, you should also consider putting them in charge of making sure vendors get their final day-of payments and that contracts are fulfilled.

3. Guest Care

Whether you have out-of-town guests arriving for a destination wedding or are just handling a big guest list of locals, your guests will have questions and concerns. How do they get to the venue? Where can they park? Where are the restrooms, the bar, or the guest book? What time is Grandma arriving at the airport and who is picking her up?

Dealing with friends and family as you approach the big day can add stress to even a relaxed bride or groom. Choose a well-known family member or close friend to be in charge of guest happiness.

This person may just need to be available to check on guests in the hours before the wedding and during the reception. Or you may need to give their contact information to VIP guests arriving days in advance.

4. Timekeeper

Keeping a wedding on schedule is one of the hardest tasks for many couples. Everything seems to take longer than planned, emergencies arise, and things don’t go as expected.

Reduce your own stress level by assigning a wedding day timekeeper. This person should be someone assertive who knows you and your party well. Have them make a wedding timeline with you and then pass it around to everyone involved in the wedding.

Inform the wedding party that the timekeeper will be doing their job and that they have your backing. On the big days, this person provides reminders to both bridal and usher parties, informs vendors of when to do their part, and gets everyone to the ceremony and photo ops at the right times.

What can you outsource for your wedding that will make your day better and smoother? Start by talking with the wedding preparation and planning experts at Pristine Chapel Lakeside today. We can help you take the stress out of any wedding by providing professional help and experienced assistance.

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