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Simple Tips to Avoid Common Wedding-Day Disasters

After weeks and months of careful planning, your wedding day has finally arrived. Unfortunately, no matter how many eventualities and calamities you plan for, unexpected disasters can put a serious hamper on your big day. Luckily, if you recognize and prepare for some common wedding day issues, you can minimize the damage while you enjoy the experience.

Here are a few of the most common wedding-day disasters and how to handle these catastrophes.

Out of Control Ring Bearer, Flower Girl, and Other Kids in Attendance

For many families, kids are an integral part of every celebration, including weddings. Unfortunately, when kids are sleepy or hungry, or simply don’t want to be at the wedding, the kids can turn a tranquil event into a scream-filled nightmare.

Plan for the chance that the ring bearer and flower girl will not be cooperative during the ceremony. For example, if the ring bearer starts acting up right before the service, offer to give them an extra piece of wedding cake or a surprise if they walk down the aisle and are well-behaved.

Create a kid-friendly area in the reception hall as well. For instance, set up tables with games, coloring, and other activities that will distract the kids. Not only will the bride and groom enjoy the event more, but the parents will also be able to relax and have a good time too.

Confused Guests Who Miss the Cocktail Hour, Ceremony, or Reception

Many couples decide to host their cocktail hour, ceremony, and receptions at different locations. Switching between venues throughout the day isn’t only exhausting for the wedding party; several different locations can also be downright confusing for guests, especially the guests who aren’t familiar with the area.

Solve this problem by renting several cars, or recruit friends and family to drive out-of-town guests between each event. If this isn’t an option, provide guests with a detailed map to help the guests get around town. However, the best way to prevent a guest from missing out on any aspect of the wedding is to host the cocktail hour, ceremony, and reception at the same venue.

Wedding Party Members Get Sick

Your wedding is going to be an amazing party with all of the food, alcohol, and other indulgences your entire family will love. Unfortunately, all of that revelry can lead to a host of illnesses and symptoms, including headaches and stomachaches. Additionally, a member of the wedding party might come down with a cold on the morning of the event as well.

Grab all the over-the-counter remedies and medications you will need to help with some common ailments, including:

  • Pain relievers, such as acetaminophen and ibuprofen
  • Heartburn relievers
  • Plastic bandages
  • OTC medications for diarrhea and upset stomachs

Keep these medications and plastic bandages handy to ensure that everyone who is injured or feeling under the weather is still able to participate in the event.

Family Drama

Finally, despite your best efforts to have a stress-free wedding, your relatives may bring up old grudges or begin bickering and fighting at the wedding. A great way to prevent this is to seat relatives who don’t get along at different tables.

Take any family members who you know are fighting with other family members aside, and remind the individuals that this is your day and you do not want any drama to ruin the festivities.

As a last resort, if family members continue to argue or are ruining your special day, don’t be afraid to ask the relatives to leave.

Identifying potential disasters and creating a plan to prevent and fix the issues is a great way to ensure your wedding day is as stress-free as possible. Contact the professionals at Pristine Chapel with any of your wedding-related questions.

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