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Stress-Free Ways to Include Pets in Your Wedding Celebration

Pets are an important part of your daily life, so it’s only natural to want to include them in your wedding day celebration. Even if your wedding venue does not accommodate pets, there are still plenty of ways to make your pets a part of your special day. With a little planning and creativity, you will be able to have the wedding of your dreams along with your furry friends who mean so much to you.

Plan a Pet Photo Shoot

Having a separate photo shoot before your wedding day is one way to make your pets part of the celebration without the added stress of the noise and crowds. Contact your wedding photographer to discuss locations and any props you wish to include in your photos. Even if you don’t want to dress in your wedding day attire, you can still include the photos as part of your wedding photo package.

This also makes it easier if you have multiple pets you wish to include in your photos. And if you have the photos taken before the wedding day arrives, you’ll have more time to experiment with fun wedding-inspired clothing and outfits for your pets.

Let Pets Make a Brief Live Appearance

If your wedding venue permits pets, you should plan to include them for just a brief time during the ceremony. Pets may feel intimidated by unfamiliar settings, loud music, noise, and strange people. For instance, you may want to walk down the aisle holding your puppy but you should have someone standing by who can take the pet once you complete your walk.

You may also wish to have your pet make an appearance at the reception for a brief meet and greet session with wedding guests. However, be mindful of any attendee who may have a pet allergy by indicating on your wedding invitations that your pet will make an appearance on your big day.

Celebrate With Pet-Themed Decorations

One of the easiest ways to make your beloved pet a part of your celebration is by imprinting your pet’s photo on napkins or wedding favors. You can also have wedding invitations designed with your pet’s photo on the cover. For some added fun, have a life-sized cut out made of your pet to have at the wedding or simply use framed photos of your pet in decorative groupings with the flowers.

Get creative with food at the wedding with a wedding cake designed or using pet-themed drink stirrers in cocktails. Discuss creative ways to turn appetizers and desserts into a pet theme with your food designer or caterer. Name a special cocktail after your pet for some added fun.

Mention Pets in Your Vows

Write a short poem or letter to your pet to share during your wedding vows. This is also a great way for partners to express their acceptance of their loved one’s pets as they begin married life together. Make the letter or poem funny or sentimental to suit your style.

Don’t worry if you’re not poetic or if writing isn’t your thing. Search online for ideas or poems written specifically for pets and weddings. Just make sure you abide by all guidelines and permissions for using the material at your wedding.

Whether your pets are in attendance at your wedding or you have pet-themed decorations and photos to show off your furry friends, sharing the day with your pets will make it even more special. Your pets may even steal the show as guests gush over their cuteness, so be prepared to have a little competition. Contact Pristine Chapel to discuss how you can include your pets into your wedding day celebration.

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