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Take-Home Wedding Table Centerpieces | Pristine Chapel

Take-Home Wedding Table Centerpieces | Pristine Chapel

A centerpiece is a great decoration for weddings, but at the end of the night, what do you do with all the extra decor? Instead of worrying about cleaning up yourself, find ways to create centerpieces where guests can take pieces home and have a nice keepsake for the wedding. Even with take-home options, your centerpieces can remain elegant and eye-catching.

Consider four different options and choose a theme that fits with the tone and style of your wedding.

1. Edible Centerpieces

Create an elegant centerpiece that guests can eat off throughout the night. One of the easiest examples to consider is a cupcake tower. Edible floral pieces, detailed frosting, and elegant cupcake wrappers can make the display look like a floral arrangement. Throughout the night, guests at each table can grab a cupcake and enjoy the desserts. Provide boxes for guests to take home treats.

Another consideration is a lollipop bouquet. Large lollipops include a lot of colors and design options. They are often wrapped in clear plastic, so you can display the colors and arrange the candy without excessive touching.

Use vases or jars to display the pops in. At the end of the night, guests can take the pops home to keep as a nice treat. Along with lollipops, consider other treats like vintage candy or candies you and your partner love to eat together.

2. Custom Wedding Memorabilia

Order custom wedding products you can display and feature as part of a centerpiece design. Guests can take home the products and have a keepsake of your wedding for years to come. One idea to consider are custom candles. When you order custom candles for your wedding, you can choose a scent and create custom labels.

Provide a larger candle centerpiece in the middle and surround the candle with smaller custom candles for each guest at the wedding. You could supply everyone with the same scent or mix the scents up to create unique options.

Other small items you can include as part of the centerpiece are key chains, magnets, or stickers. For example, you may have a metal vase with flowers in it. Stick magnets to the side of the vase or hang key chains off the edge. Play around with different options to see what works best for your own wedding.

3. Building Bricks

If you have a children’s table at your wedding, then create a fun centerpiece that will keep them busy and occupied. Set up a bowl in the center of the table with building bricks like LEGOs.

Child guests will have fun creating the various block designs and can take home their own creations. Take the centerpiece one step further by including your wedding colors as the brick colors. For example, if your wedding colors were pink and yellow, then purchase just pink and yellow LEGO bricks.

Adults may have fun building with LEGOs too, so consider adding a few extra centerpieces to other tables.

4. Instant Camera Centerpiece

Capture instant memories of the wedding experience and display them on a centerpiece. Purchase photo clip stands or a photo clip tree that can easily display small photos. Place an instant camera in the center of the table and fill each one with some instant film.

By the end of the night, each table could have a centerpiece with instant photos. Take pictures of each centerpiece to capture all of the memories and allow guests to take home the extra pictures. Guests will have a lot of fun photos to keep and cherish of your memorable day.

Plan out your wedding with our ceremony and reception venue at Pristine Chapel. We have many custom wedding options available and can help create a memorable day for everyone.

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