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The Pros and Cons of Indoor and Outdoor Wedding Ceremonies

The Pros and Cons of Indoor and Outdoor Wedding Ceremonies

One of the most important, and earliest, decisions every couple must make is whether to have an indoor ceremony or an outdoor one. The ceremony is the centerpiece of the entire wedding day, so you should make this choice carefully.

Choosing between indoor and outside ceremonies is not a one-size-fits-all issue. Read on to learn a few of the biggest pros and cons of each to consider.

The Pros of an Outdoor Ceremony

Probably the biggest reason to hold your nuptials outdoors is to take advantage of a stunning view. The natural world brings a uniquely organic touch to a wedding ceremony that no amount of indoor decorations can reproduce. Whether it’s the edge of a beautiful lake, a forested backdrop, or the crash of beach waves, natural settings can be the perfect way to start your new life together.

The same natural elements that make outdoor ceremonies attractive may also help save time and money. Most outdoor ceremony locations need little or nothing in the way of additional decoration or setup. Because the goal is to take advantage of the location, many couples complement it with minimal accessorizing and can then focus on dressing up other facets of the big day.

The Cons of an Outdoor Ceremony

If you do want an outdoor ceremony, you’ll have to contend with a few challenges. First, it limits the amount and types of venues you can choose from. Not every location offers outdoor venues along with space for a full reception. You might have to use two separate locations. This adds time, expense, and work to the wedding day.

Generally, the biggest drawback of outside ceremonies is that you must contend with the vagaries of ever-changing weather. Marrying in the summer? You and your guests might have to deal with heat and a scorching sun. Marrying in the fall or winter? You might need a backup plan in case it rains, gets windy, muddy, or even snows.

The Pros of an Indoor Ceremony

Do you want a highly curated, perfectly coiffed wedding day? Then an indoor ceremony allows you to control more factors than an outside event. You can control everything from the temperature to the lighting to the sound to the backdrop. And your guests won’t be as distracted indoors, so you’re the star of the show.

Coordinating the wedding is also often easier than doing so in an outdoor setting. An indoor venue generally has easier access to equipment, parking, and transportation. It also features more convenient utility connections, a more standardized layout, and flat surfaces.

The Cons of an Indoor Ceremony

Many couples want a nontraditional, more personalized ceremony these days. But after decades of couples holding indoor ceremonies, you may not feel that this type of venue makes your big day feel unique compared to others. To get that customized and memorable look, you might end up spending more money and putting more work into changing its appearance.

Are you planning a large guest list for your ceremony? Keep in mind that any indoor venue comes with size limits imposed by its four walls. You’ll need to rent a larger indoor location, which will cost more. Outdoor ceremony spots have fewer boundaries so you can often choose a more cost-effective space while still having your large audience.

Where to Learn More

Which of these pros and cons of various ceremony locations influences you the most? Each couple must weigh the advantages and disadvantages in order to determine what works best for them.

The team at Pristine Chapel Lakeside is ready to help. We offer a range of venues and options for both your wedding ceremony and reception. Visit today to see all your choices in person and find the perfect solution for your big day.

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