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Tips for Hosting the Best Lakeside Wedding

You’re ready to marry the partner of your dreams, and you want the best possible wedding experience. The two of you love lakes and plan on spending a lot of time on them together. A fun and innovative lakeside event is an excellent choice for you but can be complicated to manage without a little help.

Thankfully, the following tips should provide you with the assistance you need to keep your wedding running smoothly. Make sure to follow these guidelines when choosing an outdoor venue, and pay particular attention to decoration, comfort, and food.

Choose the Best Outdoor Venue

Many outdoor venues provide you with an excellent chance to showcase your aesthetic. So makesure that you choose a venue that meets the needs of your ceremony. For example, you’ll need to consider the number of people attending the service before you rent a spot. You’ll also need to consider other elements, such as your budget and what the venue offers.

For example, power sources should be easy to find, well-labeled, and protected. If necessary, consider packing a generator in case the power unexpectedly goes out. And your venue should also include places to sit in case of rain.

Consider Mosquito Control

Weddings next to a lake provide a beautiful experience that you and your spouse will never forget. However, lakes may serve as a mosquito breeding ground, and this may make the ceremony a mess of itching and scratching. Thankfully, mosquito control methods can help to manage this situation and keep unwanted mosquito wedding crashes away.

Smart lake decoration may be all that is necessary for this process. For example, a small temporary waterfall installed in the lake could move the water enough to keep mosquitoes from nesting. Or you could apply a mosquito pesticide as protection against these creatures.

Accentuate the Lake Style

Try to decorate the wedding area and the reception spots in a way that accentuates their proximity to the lake. For example, you could hang branches and other items along the side of the reception area to create an outdoorsy style. Emulated natural objects — such as artificial bushes and even animals — can enhance the style as well.

Use colors that match that of the lake to make the decor more exciting and engaging. For example, dark blues, greens, and browns create a down-home look that matches a lake while creating a camouflaged style that is both fun and unique for wedding ceremonies.

Create Fun Outdoor Food Option s

A wedding dinner should be classy and delicious, but the snack foods for a lakeside event may be a bit more diverse. Try to choose foods that create a uniquely outdoorsy feel. For example, ready-to-go s’mores emulates the feel of a lakeside camping experience while providing delicious finger-food options for guests.

Even better, foods like waffle bites and French fry cones creates easy on-the-go snack choices. And the desserts should also emulate this rustic style to make the all-around experience as fun and lighthearted as possible.

For example, churro bites create a delicious and bite-sized burst of flavor that will boost any wedding snack option. And chilled watermelon on a stick creates a soothing and satisfying meal that will make any wedding guest pleased. These ideas are so good that Martha Stewart suggested all of them!

Get Help Today

If you think that a lakeside wedding is an excellent choice for you, contact us at Pristine Chapel Lakeside to get the help you need for your ceremony. Our experts will work hard to create an unforgettable wedding experience that will stay in your memory for years to come.

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