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Tips for Hosting the Ultimate Spring Wedding

Congratulations on planning your spring wedding! Now that you’ve decided the season in which you plan to wed, you a reset to create an event that speaks to your creativity and your wishes for the future.

If you have clear priorities and goals, you can use your vision to set up the wedding that most appeals to you. These tips will help you plan the spring wedding of your dreams.

Be Careful of Spring Holidays
Many people forget about the various holidays and events, religious and otherwise, in spring. As you select the date for your nuptials, be wary of planning your event on a weekend that conflicts with Mother’s Day (May), Memorial Day (May), Father’s Day (June), Palm Sunday (March or April), Easter (March or April), Ramadan (varies, but currently in May and June),and Passover (March or April).

Choose Seasonal Flowers
Seasonal flowers give your wedding afresh look that is still budget-friendly. During the spring months, you can count on flowers like daffodils, sweet pea, hyacinths, lilacs, peonies, baby’s breath,and succulents. Even a sprig of eucalyptus can add a nice touch to a wedding bouquet.

Rethink the Aisle
The aisle is a staple of the wedding ceremony, but many brides don’t think about revamping the aisle so that it matches the theme of the wedding. For an outdoor spring wedding, you might consider using potted plants and gauze to create a garden atmosphere.

Establish a Color Palette
One of the best ways to bring a cohesive look and feel to your wedding is to establish a color palette you love. Common spring wedding colors include pink, purple, yellow,and white. Many brides prefer a pastel look,and many others have a penchant for vibrant tones. You can even mix palettes. A pastel palette with a bold shock of color can make for a sophisticated look. Additionally, some brides like to incorporate earth tones for a spring wedding. Consider using sage or deep brown to mix up your look.

Be Flexible With Time
While many people realize that spring allows for outdoor weddings, few realize that spring’s moderate weather allows a couple to be flexible with reception times too.

For example, when you have a wedding in the spring, you can host a daytime brunch reception outside.

Choose a Signature Drink
Rather than have a full open bar, some people opt to have a signature cock tail menu available for free in addition to wine and beer. Floral and fruity cocktails are perfect choices for a spring wedding.

Select a Light Meal
Spring weddings are amazing because they come with such a full list of options for meals. Try to serve foods that are in season and light.

The main course can incorporate light meats, like grilled chicken, fresh fish,and even lamb. You can incorporate flavors like rosemary, mint,and citrus for a full taste.

For veggies, you can incorporate many in-season choices. These include asparagus, snap peas,artichokes,and other greens. You can’t go wrong with a leafy salad and light vinaigrette.

Desserts can be fresh and fruity, rather than heavy and hearty. Strawberries, raspberries, and cheese cake are all amazing spring wedding menu options. You might also include a lemon dessert for extra flair.

Choose a Venue You Love
Finally, make sure you select a venue that speaks to you. The perfect wedding venue is one that makes you feel comfortable and beautiful.

Pristine Chapel is the perfect destination for a spring wedding. We offer the quality,affordability,and beauty every couple looks for when planning a wedding. Our lakeside garden is perfect for a reception too. Call us today to discuss your wedding options.

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