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With a little planning, we are sure that your fall wedding will be amazing.

What seems to be a common mistake with so many of us, is that we seem to believe we have superior balance when wearing high heels, when the truth is, we really don’t. That isn’t to say you shouldn’t try, but in this blog, we’re going to show you how the variations in heel height are not only stylish, but will ensure you are comfortable throughout your daily tasks.

Firstly are low heels.
This includes any heel height under 6.4cm. In most cases, this refers to ‘kitten’ heels, which are much more balanced for the wearer. In the case of wedding shoes, it seems more practical to wear a kitten heel, because you need to be at your absolute best, and you don’t want your special day ruined by aching feet.

Secondly are the mid heels.
This is anything ranging between 6.4cm to 8.9cm. The variation depends on the wearer, as it is still comfortable to most, but it can start to make the feet feel sore after a while. It will still give you the benefits of looking taller, but it may reduce the amount of soreness to your feet, as you are not constantly putting pressure on the front of the foot.

Thirdly are high heels.
This is anything over 9cm which is actually quite high for a heel. For example, the higher heels look stunning on the feet, however they may not be all that comfortable, one drawback is the amount of pressure that is being placed on the ball of the foot. Should you be opting to wear a pair of high heels, it may be worth padding the shoes with an insole, or maybe even taking a pair of alternative shoes in case. If you don’t think you need it, then you are a stiletto champion!

Whatever heel height you decide to wear, we’re sure you will make an informed and responsible choice, because after all, it is your day, and being comfortable in your shoes is one of the most important decisions you will make for your bridal attire!

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