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Tips on How to Pick a Wedding Venue

Without the right space, you often can’t have a wedding. Therefore, understanding how to select a wedding venue is crucial in wedding planning. Choosing the right venue can be a difficult task, as you need to consider a few things. The following tips will help you sort through the options and choose a venue that’s […]

Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Bridesmaid Dresses

Once you’ve carefully selected your bridesmaids, the next step is to decide what kind of dresses they will wear. Finding the perfect bridesmaid dress for your special day doesn’t have to be stressful. Your wedding is important for you and the people most important to you. While you don’t need to please all your bridesmaids, […]

4 Catering Styles to Fit Your Wedding’s Style and Budget

The food you serve at your wedding is an important part of not only providing for guests but also setting the mood and style. So, what serving choices do you have for meals on your big day? And what does each bring to the table, as it were? Here’s a short guide to the main […]

Want to Have a Wedding Cocktail Hour? What to Know

More and more couples today are adding a somewhat new tradition to their wedding: cocktail hour. Is cocktail hour right for your nuptials? What should you do with the time? How should your gathering be set up? And what should you avoid? Discover some answers to your burning questions. What Is Cocktail Hour? Cocktail hour, […]

7 Tips for Planning a Wedding on a Budget

Planning a wedding without depleting your bank account may seem like an impossible task. Between paying for your wedding dress, the venue, decorations, and the cake, your wedding may seem more like a stressful event than a celebration of love. But with the right planning, you can enjoy your wedding without going bankrupt.Read on to […]

The Pros and Cons of Indoor and Outdoor Wedding Ceremonies

One of the most important, and earliest, decisions every couple must make is whether to have an indoor ceremony or an outdoor one. The ceremony is the centerpiece of the entire wedding day, so you should make this choice carefully. Choosing between indoor and outside ceremonies is not a one-size-fits-all issue. Read on to learn […]

Want a Bar at Your Wedding? 5 Questions to Answer

Do you want a bar at your wedding reception? For some couples, serving drinks at the wedding is just one more must-have part of the wedding day. For others, this is a big decision with many ramifications. To help you with all your alcohol choices at the wedding, discover five key questions to answer. 1. […]

Take-Home Wedding Table Centerpieces | Pristine Chapel

A centerpiece is a great decoration for weddings, but at the end of the night, what do you do with all the extra decor? Instead of worrying about cleaning up yourself, find ways to create centerpieces where guests can take pieces home and have a nice keepsake for the wedding. Even with take-home options, your […]

Some Dos and Don’ts for the Night Before Your Wedding

As your wedding day approaches, it’s time to start putting the final pieces into place. This includes deciding what to do the night before your nuptials. You have an almost unlimited choice of activities, but not all of them are a good idea if you want to look and feel your best for the wedding.So, […]

Unique Ways to Use Projectors for Your Wedding Reception

Projection technology has come a long way since the 1990s. Instead of relying on physical decor at your wedding reception, a projector setup can wow guests and provide striking visuals in the room. As you plan projector use for your wedding, learn all the unique ways to implement a projector and make your reception feel […]

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