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Fanatic Fans? 5 Tips tor a Fabulous Football-Themed Wedding

A football-themed wedding may not be for everyone, but if you and your betrothed are die-hard football fans, this unorthodox concept could be perfect for you. Here are five ideas to incorporate into your big day. 1. Wear Team Colors Most brides – 83 percent– still opt for a dress in shades of white, but you […]

Plan a Budget-Friendly Wedding | Pristine Chapel Lakeside

Planning a Budget-Friendly Wedding? 7 Tips to Help Weddings are often known for being notoriously expensive. You can keep your wedding affordable by following these simple tips. By limiting the guest list, doing some of the work yourself, and getting help from friends and neighbors, you can have a beautiful, budget-friendly wedding. Here’s what you […]

CreateA Caribbean Wedding With These 5 Tips

While the idea of a destination wedding appeals to many couples, it just isn’t practical for most people. A destination wedding is something many guests would not be able to attend, whether it is for financial reasons or logistical issues. If your dream wedding is somewhere on a tropical Caribbean island, you can easily recreate […]

Want a Winter Wonderland Wedding? Start Planning Now!

The greater Atlanta area may not receive much snow, but that doesn’t mean you can’t create a winter wonderland for your midwinter wedding. According to a survey by a popular wedding planning website, January, February, and March are the least popular months for weddings, with only a mere 5% of nuptials occurring in winter. While winter weather […]

An Unplugged Wedding — Why and How to Have One

In today’s constantly connected world, the cell phone or tablet is a ubiquitous part of everyone’s lives. But more and more bridal couples have learned the benefits of going unplugged for their ceremony or reception.What is an unplugged wedding? Should you have one? And how can you accomplish it tastefully? Here’s a short guide to […]

3 Things to Do Before Signing the Contract for Your Wedding Venue

You’ve found a locale that meets all your criteria for your dream wedding venue; now, the only thing left to do is reserve your wedding date. Before you sign a contract for your wedding venue, you need to complete a few tasks so that you know the venue is the best match for your big […]

Tips for Hosting the Best Lakeside Wedding

You’re ready to marry the partner of your dreams, and you want the best possible wedding experience. The two of you love lakes and plan on spending a lot of time on them together. A fun and innovative lakeside event is an excellent choice for you but can be complicated to manage without a little […]

Tips On Creating Your Perfect Registry

Congratulations!! By now you’ve likely set your date, chosen your venue and prepared your guest list. Checking all of those big items off of your wedding planning to-do list must have felt euphoric! But now that those are out of the way, what’s next? Before you can send out your invitations, you have to make […]

Tips for Hosting the Ultimate Spring Wedding

Congratulations on planning your spring wedding! Now that you’ve decided the season in which you plan to wed, you a reset to create an event that speaks to your creativity and your wishes for the future.If you have clear priorities and goals, you can use your vision to set up the wedding that most appeals […]

Congratulations! You’re Engaged. Here’s What to Do First

It finally happened. The person of your dreams dropped the big question and you said those famous two words that will forever solidify your bond for each other: “I do”. Well, let me be the first (or thousandth) to congratulate you on this joyous occasion! There’s never been a more exciting time to get married. […]

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