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Ways to Include Your Children in Your Wedding

Including your children in your wedding is a wonderful way to start your new life together as a family. Whether your children are young or in their teens, they’ll appreciate if you make them a part of the action. These tips can help. Look at Decorations and Outfits Together Looking at decorations and outfits is […]

Impress Your Bride With These 5 Things on Your Wedding Day

Most wedding plans focus on the bride, but she’s not the only part of the big day. As the groom, what should you be doing while preparing for and overseeing your wedding day? Here are five things every groom can do to make for an amazing wedding day. 1. Be on Time and Ready Certainly […]

Experience More Joy on Your Wedding Day | Pristine Chapel Lakeside

Getting married is one of the most special events you will ever experience. You and your fiancé become a family in the eyes of the law and your loved ones,and you get to celebrate your own beautiful love story. Follow these simple strategies to maximize the joy you experience on yourwedding day.Rehearse Every Aspect of […]

Save Your Sanity by Delegating These 4 Wedding Tasks

Everyone wants a perfect wedding day, but trying to handle everything yourself can lead to frustration, stress, and missed opportunities. On the other hand, delegating to others often sounds easier than it is to actually do. So how can you delegate successfully? Here are four ways to delegate wedding tasks that will make your day […]

How to Plan an Autumn Wedding in Georgia | Pristine Chapel

Autumn is a lovely time of year to get married in Georgia! If you’re planning to have an autumn wedding in the next year or two, you should know how the season might affect your plans. Weather Is Mild and Dry Weather in Georgia is cool and relatively dry through much of the autumn. Toward […]

3 Secrets To A Drama-Free Wedding

You know some people thrive on drama. They want weddings where there’s chaos and tears of recrimination and ruined party apparel. You want a more sedate experience with no mismatched bouquets, no face-cake collisions, and no rehashed family feuds. There are three secrets to achieving your goal of a peaceful transition from single to married […]

Diverse Menu Ideas

If you have a big wedding coming up, congratulations! The reception is such a wonderful place to celebrate and gather all the people you love. Once you have you decided your color detail, it will be time to choose what refreshments you will serve at your reception. Guest remembers 2 things, how you made them […]

Spring Wedding Ideas

Spring is the perfect season to get married. Everything is new and fresh, so why not start a brand-new chapter of your life in the spring as well? If you are looking at different wedding venues in Atlanta trying to find the perfect place for your wedding, Pristine Chapel Lakeside caters to many different preferences […]

Guide to Choosing the Perfect Wedding Cake

A wedding cake is often the centerpiece of the wedding. It’s the focus of countless photos and the crucial element of the traditional cake-cutting ceremony. Couples remember their wedding cakes for years to come, and many brides and grooms even save the top tier to eat on their first anniversary. Though there are countless options […]

Tips on Creating an Amazing Fall Wedding Ceremony

Fall is a beautiful time of year to have a wedding. While any wedding requires a lot of planning and preparation, devising the perfect wedding ceremony for a beautiful Atlanta autumn day is simple with these 4 tips.Wedding Venuesvenue in Atlanta can be simple when you narrow down your priorities and take a peek at […]

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